Office Boiler Safety – How can I be sure it is running safely and efficiently?

  12th July 2018   Category: Commercial Services, Heating, Safety
Is the Boiler in your office working correctly? Is it running at optimize effectiency? Learn about Office Boiler Safety and contact EvenFlo for help today.

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Office Boiler Safety

Is the boiler at your office producing carbon monoxide? Is it getting the right amount of fuel? What is the gas pressure in the boiler?  Here’s how your boiler technician can put your mind at rest on boiler safety.

If you were aboard a luxury bus traveling the freeways of America 24 hours a day for months at a time, you would expect occasional maintenance to keep its occupants safe, correct? In the same way, your boiler system must be monitored and given course corrections by a boiler technician to keep the building and its occupants safe.

One of the most important checks that your technician will do is to use a combustion analyzer to see how efficiently the boiler is operating.  The technician will also use this device to check the level of carbon monoxide and to see that it is being vented out of the building. Obviously, this is an important check as carbon monoxide can be deadly.

For more information on the dangers of carbon monoxide, click here!

Some maintenance workers regularly test for carbon monoxide no matter what the maintenance issue is. Carbon monoxide also can leak out of the boiler if the flue does not fit snugly to the equipment.

In addition, the technician who is in charge of boiler safety will examine the burner assembly. This is where the gas produces the flame to heat the water in the boiler. If soot and debris are allowed to accumulate here the efficiency of the boiler will be impaired and could cause damage to the equipment. Careful inspection of this area is essential for boiler safety.

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In addition, the pressure relief should be inspected.  The boiler technician ensures that if the water in the boiler system gets too hot the pressure will be lowered just as in an old-style pressure cooker valve would relive the pressure inside the cookware and prevent an explosion.

Gas pressure will be noted and safeties tested.  Making sure these devices are operating is essential to office boiler safety.

These tasks are best performed by a professional, someone who often services this type of equipment. Go to to arrange a visit from a professional who will make sure your boiler system is operating at peak efficiency.