My Bathroom Floor is Wet: Is it time to Replace the Toilet?

  2nd August 2018   Category: At Home Repairs, Plumbing, Residential Services
My bathroom floor is wet. What should I do? Who should I call? When it comes to Home Toilet Problems, trust the experts at EvenFlo plumbing. Call today.

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Home Toilet Problems

The homeowner who notices that his bathroom floor is wet probably has a toilet problem. A toilet problem can get messy when ignored. Messy as in call the plumber and move out of the house for the weekend.

The homeowner should take these steps, easiest to hardest, to fix the problem of his bathroom floor being wet.  First, he should examine the water line that runs upward from the shutoff valve for the toilet. This water line keeps the toilet’s water tank full. Is there a small leak there? If so, the homeowner can tighten the fitting and look like a genius.

Leaky water tank

A second possible culprit that could be making the bathroom floor wet is a leak from the water tank to the toilet bowl. In an older home, the toilets have probably seen thousands of flushes and the bolts securing the tank to the bowl have been bathed in water for years. It could be time to replace the bolts.

Get the plumbing professionals at EvenFlo to do your dirty work in the bathroom.

To complete this task, first turn off the water at the shut-off valve below the toilet.  Then start emptying the water out of the tank until it is completely dry.  Many people simply scoop the water into the toilet bowl.  Now dash to the hardware store for new bolts and you’re in business. Warning: don’t tighten the bolts TOO TIGHTLY. The tank and bowl are made of porcelain and not steel.  If you over tighten them, you could crack the porcelain.

Wax ring problem

A third reason the bathroom floor is wet could be that the wax ring has cracked or deformed. Is it time to call the plumber yet? If this job is not done right, leaks could continue.  And they will not be the kind of leaks that mop up easily.

The plumber will remove the toilet and bring in a new wax ring.  Homeowner, is it time for a new toilet?  If you opt for a new toilet, the plumber will position the wax ring at the top of the wastewater pipe and make sure that the toilet fits snugly.

If your bathroom floor is still wet after these steps, go to EvenFlo and contact a professional plumber in the Baltimore area. You’ve got enough problems in your life without contending with a wet bathroom floor.